Skin Care Regimen Sale

Happy Saturday my loves.

This sale is too good to not talk about it one more time!! So go, run and get started on a nontoxic safe skincare routine while the new year, new you is still going strong. Not convinced?

Download the EWG Skin Deep app and let me know what you think about your current go to's. Because no matter how much good they are doing for your skin it's not worth putting some toxic on your skin!! And yes change is hard, plus dishing out cash for new products is also hard but WORTH IT. Too many chemicals, especially ones that weren't around when we were growing up that are being used and allowed.

I just want you to be informed about what you put on your skin and what it may do to you, no matter what you decide to switch too. Best advice I got is, find good deals (like this one!!) and then replace the rest slowly. If you replace each product as you use up yours it doesn't hurt the budget as much.

The best part is that the high quality ingredients in Beautycounter products allows a little to go a long way. Also look into the membership because this way you are benefiting from your purchases and saving on your next one!

And for anyone that purchases one of these sets will get a lip gloss of their choice from me! This way you start with skincare and try out makeup!



PS did you see this post ?

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