Overalls Worn 3 Ways

Hey hey

Happy Monday lovelies!

It has been a hot minute since I've shared what mama has been wearing. Mainly because there is only so much you can share when leggings and joggers is what you are living in. Our sweet Birdie is still pretty much in quarantine which means mama and Zoe are too. I do TRY to get us all "dressed" aka replace pj's with comfies but nothing to seeeeee here. Lol

I have been pretty obsessed with fitting into my overalls again. They are not only easy peasy but flattering!! And wearing something flattering is pretty much this mamas goal. So here is a few ways I have worn them.

Funny story about these overalls is that when I first moved to the burbs I took Zoe to a music class in my super cute overalls and a fellow mama raised her eyebrow at me, andddddd commented "what the hell are you wearing".... you guyssss i died.

At first I felt about an inch high but then I got mad,WTF. Manners???

I still crack up about that but they are still my fav. These are super old Target but here are a few others I have been eyeing.

Levis // BlankNYC // Madewell Skinny Overalls // Target Distressed // Button Front //

#1 Playdate or errands

Add Cropped Sweatshirt + Sneakers

Patent Leather Nikes//Patent Platform Slides//Topshop Cropped Sweatshirt//Adidas Cropped Sweatshirt

#2 Brunch

Add Boho Top + Booties

DUSTY PINK Top//Striped Peasant Top//Chambray Top//Patent Booties//Studded Booties

#3 Night Out

Add Sexy Bodysuit + Heels

Ruffle bodysuit //