Love Day Books

We have had so much fun growing the girls library.

And one of the best things we've done is gifting one book (now for each of the babes) for each holiday, or season. Instead of a bunch of little things, I 'll most likey trip on and throw away...

And then having the chance to pulling out books for holidays or seasons! Rotating books every month keeps them fresh and in the last two years Zoe has been soooo into pulling them out.

So I thought I would share the Love Day books are reading during totschool, becuase instead of learning about Valentine's Day we are learning about love. How to love people that are different, and how we can show people that we love them. Because in reality all I am trying to do is raise good, compassionate, loving humans.

So here it is, our non-VDAY VDAY books.


Adivina Cuanto Te Quiero

A Letter to Amy

Big Hugs Little Hugs

Hands Say Love

Baby Dance

Girl of Mine

Baby Love Board Book Set

Where do Kisses Come From

Good Night Kisses

A You're Adorable

Good Night My Love

Baby Be Kind

What Does It Mean To Be Kind

Listening With My Heart

You Are My I Love You

I Love You Through And Through

If Animals Kissed Goodnights

Full Full Full of Love

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

Mi Amor Por Ti

Abrazos Y Besitos

Te Amo Sol Te Amo Luna

Maybe one or two of these will be a great little V-Day treat for your little love bug. Do you have any favorites we can add?



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