Workwear Pants 3 Ways

Happy Weekend!!

I can't even begin to tell you how incredible your comments and DM's and emails about Wednesday's post have meant to me. You guys are incredible. I think that going through such a traumatic event can really make you feel a little cray cray, like did imagine the danger? Was I just being dramatic... But allowing myself to share the experience with you and hearing how that mama instinct is just rarely wrong really helped me get over it.

Will I ever be able to walk into a store and not be nervous about those around me? Probably not, but that is ok. I think being a little skeptical and protective in behalf of my babies is actually ok. So cheers to doing this whole mama life with some of the best, strongest, honest and real mamas out there.

And now onto a post that I am embarrassed at how long it took me to get up. Lately I have gotten a lot of requests on more work wear. And since I spent almost 10 years in HR as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, I felt like it's something I started off covering a ton of in my first blog (Dishes Runways Briefcases) so why not start sharing some topics for the working mama. I may not work outside of the home but I sure so work for both Beautycounter, this blog and our family!

First request, what mama should wear when mama is heading back to the office and is still in that 4th trimester body . You know the body I am talking about, not quite fitting into pre-baby clothes but maternity ones aren't fitting either. I think all of these looks would also work for an event, a dinner party or even a girls night. I may not be working at an office but I sure do love getting dressed in clothes that make me feel comfortable and confident.

And it does not have to cost a lot to look great. Just make sure it FITS your body now and that when you look in the mirror you feel great!!! Above are three looks with one pair of high-waisted belted cropped pants (under $30!!). And let me tell you why I love these pants, they cinch your waist, they can be tightened or loosened depending on the day (ha!!), can be dressed up and down and lastly they are extremely budget friendly. Don't spend a ton on pants you hope don't fit in a few months.

Pumps // Blazer //Pants // Red Lip Sheer // Mattifying Powder // Concealer // LV Never Full Tote

Look #1. This is perfect for an interview, or corporate setting. I paired with a budget friendly Target blazer, they have such great pieces right now! Look put together and feel confident in pumps, a tote, bright lip and a whole lot of concealer (plus this mattifying powder from Beautycounter because it keeps it all together, even after the power pumping lunch break).

Similar Bootie (on sale) // Similar White Blazer // Pants // Lip Gloss // Lip Sheer // Face Brightening Mist // Valentino CrossBody //

Look #2. I would actually wear this out to date night or out with my girlfriends but it's perfect for a client meeting too. I feel more confident in heels than I do in flats but they have to be ones I can walk in (having kids has made me legit forget to walk in heels) so I stick to a block heel, comfy and still gives the height. Bonus points if you can get a bootie with a hidden platform.

The bodysuit keeps you from having to re-tuck your top one million times, the nude lip reads I business but still put together (and easy to touch up without a mirror) plus the mist is just the perfect way to refreshen your makeup without a huge makeup bag.

Tshirt (couldn't find mine online but love this one!)

// Pants // Flats // Vintage Gucci Crossbody // Blush Stick // Dew Moisturizer

Look #3. Much more of a fun look. a graphic tee, a long vest is a great way to cover the bum and still give your body some shape (loving this plaid one too!). I'd like to think a pair of flats for a casual Friday gives your tired feet a break and you won't have to change for kid pickup! The cream blusher for cheeks and lips, plus a lightweight tinted moisturizer like Dew gives you coverage but super light.

I think I am going to work on a capsule type of round up, maybe like 20 outfits with 15, 4th trimester pieces or something like that. Mixing in some casual and more professional looks. Would you like to see that? If so, shoot me an email or comment on my Instagram post!

Going to try and get my tot school post up soon, mainly how I am planning out the week/activities/resources etc.



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