My Heart Says Spring The Weather Says Winter

Coat // Tee (this is the Mas Amore tee I shared on IG!) // Jeans (love these too) // Hat // Boots

It's Thursdayyyyy!

Almost there my lovelies, almost there.

New England weather has been quite the flirty tease. Yesterday it was 60 and gorgeous. Today it's been so beautiful (almost 60 again!) with so much sun that I am sitting on my front steps while Zoe plays typing this post out.

So many DM's on this coat and the tee. Plus I had to tell you about under $30 jeans that I can't take off.

I am still about 20 pounds from my marathon running days, I mean quite happy to be where I am at but far from wanting to spend too much on bottoms while I shed this 4th trimester body.

So first off, the coat. I have had for three winters and I love it. Warm but not bulky, plus the pockets are everything. The tee is a recent buy, so soft and the perfect fit. And you all know how I feel about these boots, I've had for 5 years and they are amazing for the winters.

The jeans are a Madewell dupe and well I am IMPRESSED. There is a great about of stretch but they still pull in all the areas. I would definitely size down just because you want them to pull you in and doesn't it always feel good to buy a size down? I mean it does for me...

Not a fancy look but you know what it is pretty close to what I wear almost every day during these yucky cold months. Come onnnn spring. I am ready for you and for white pants, midi dresses and espadrilles. What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?



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