Five Friday Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies!!

You guys we have survived. The moon is f'ing with me in a major way but guys we are getting it together and finally putting finishing touches on Zoe's and Ami's room and finally sharing some room tours!

Ok so I have started a newsletter for all of my oil mamas, see this post on what to do with your starter kit and this one on why essential oils, then email me with question on how to get started and join our fun team! I promise to keep you excited and up to date on all the ways I use oils andddd get you to a point where you are spending zero $ on your monthly goodies! Because to be honest that was totally my goal on joining Young Living, a way to not have to spend our budget on the oils and supplies I love so much.

On another note, the blog's newsletter is getting a really fun addition, exclusive to subscribers. I am linking the meals I rotate regularly (plus a few we are trying out in March), some tips on meal prepping and how we have homemade dinners almost every night of the week). And I'll also be sharing our tot school theme for next week, links to activities and our daily schedule! So if you haven't signed up, make sure and do so!

Ok so here are my favs for this week.

1. Last weekend I got my first pedicure since October, (no judgement pleaseeee!) and before that I was this incredible foot file on my feet + a little tiny bit of the cleansing balm (one of the many ways to use this stuff!) on my heels, starting to think I won't need regular pedi's and I can just get my piggies polished!

2. I love to get the girls a few practical things in their Easter baskets, this year I am thinking swimsuits for vacation and raincoats. Debating between this bright yellow rain coat, and this adorable rain poncho.

3. Just got this rug to replace the one in our dining room, and it adds just the right amount of color. Love love love how that space has turned out. Looking forward to styling it this weekend! (we also got this one for our "music room" and I can't wait to see it in the space!)

4. Sooooo into two piece dresses right now and I have a few I have ordered to try for our vacation, this one is my favorite!! (this is the perfect dress for a spring wedding!)

5. Girl Wash Your Face on audible, download it NOW!! This book is so goof. So so so good.