Five Friday Favorites

hey hey!

We made it, and I also just went out of the house for the first time since Saturday. You guys that stomach bug sure did rip through this house. Beyond grateful for feeling a bit better and maybe eventually washing my hair... lol

Thought I would keep this with things around the web that I am loving.

1. Loved this article on the change that Beautycounter is making. This one is pretty great too.

2. Just bought this faux cactus to add to Zoe's room and you guys, I am loving it. Target home stuff is SO good. I have this fern on our mantle, and I think we need another for the kitchen. LOVE HER. (I love me some plants but mixing in some great faux has me with all the heart eyes.)

3. I have 10 of these on our dining table and plan on them being staples in my table setting. I have been loving switching out the stems with whatever flower or greenery I get at the market! Such an inexpensive way to keep your table looking sharp!

4. Obsessed with paperbag style pants or shorts. These are everything.

5. Just ordered another one of these to complete our fridge organizing, you guys this is totally the old lady in me but it feels so good to get this house decluttered and organized!

We are back to regular programming over here for next week, with all the content I was suppose to share, promise! For now, enjoy the weekend and pour yourself that vino, we made it!

HAppy weekend!