Athleisure Leggings 3 Ways

Look 1: Anorak Jacket (love love love! I sized up for a roomy fit, it ties at the waist and pulls in, under $100!) sports bra / red slides old but love these / leggings / Fawn Design Bag

Look 2: AG Denim Jacket // leggings // Adidas Tee // Patent Leather Nike Sneakers, love these // Ray Bans // LV Never Full

Look 3: Old LOFT Sweatshirt (similar!) // leggings // sports bra // Target Slides //

You guyssssss asked and I am delivering. My mom-iform obsession. These leggings came in last week and I have NOT taken them off. They pull and suck in all the right places, the color is probably one of my unsung favorites. I cannot wait to wear these all spring and summer, maybe even motivate me to get cleared for more than light yoga!

Now let's talk a little bit about what it takes to make my mom-iform label, has to stretch while chasing babies, WASHABLE because well babies, easy to wear multiple ways and I have to feel great. These leggings and sports bra are just that, I felt stylish, comfortable and I have worn them both 3 days in a row.

I have partnered with Peach before, because their mission is incredible, led by a (rockstar) woman CEO and quality pieces. And although this post was sponsored, all opinions are my own and I have purchased quite a few pieces on my own.

Here's to hoping the weekend comes quick! We are beyond exhausted and to be honest I am looking forward to simply getting some house stuff off of the list, and maybe some me time. I'll be checking in with my favorite oil blends this weekend.



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