Five Favorite Oil Blends

Hey hey,

It's Frrrriiiiyyyaayyyy.

These photos are such a reflection of the oil lady I have become!! And I am mainly laughing because you should have seen the set up to get this shot before I love light yesterday!! Anyone else always cramming in the nap time to-do's?

I have been promising some of my favorite blends that I use in rollers. So here it is.

First why a roller and not just diffusing essential oils. I absolutely love diffusing oils. Like, OBSESSED WITH IT. But using a roller allows me to one, take it on the go and ALWAYS have it with me (especially that calm down one) two, quality oils absorbed by your skin can work even faster than diffusing, three double team with a diffuser (especially for the witching hour or germ buster!)

I am sharing the five blends that I use (that I will usually diffuse too!!) .

These are blend recipes for 10 ml roller glass bottles, I use these! I add the oils and then fill the rest with a carrier oil (any organic oil with no scent will work but I use this one).


(to both wrists, between your eyebrows, temples and bottom of your feet+ add to a cotton ball and keep in a ziploc for inhaling)

10 drops of Citrus Fresh - 5 drops of Peppermint -

Calm Down

(back of neck, to both wrists, inside the edge of eyebrows, between eyebrows)

6 drop Ylang Ylang - 6 drops of Frankincense - 6 drops of Lavender - 4 drops of Citrus Fresh

Boo Boo

(add to a small spray bottle with water and spray on boo boo or use roller on scrapes and cuts a few times a day)

5 drops of Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense


(bottom of feet, to both wrists)

5 drops Lavender - 3 drops of Rosemary - 3 drops of Frankincense

Sleep Well

(behind ears, temples, between eyebrows)

12 drops of Lavender - 8 drops of Frankincense - 6 drops of Lemon

(I also love just adding 10 drops of thieves to a roller with a carrier oil to apply to the bottom of the feet, spine and wrists to help fight off the germs + diffuse Thieves at the least 1x a day! I call is my germ buster.)

I really hope this helps anyone looking to use oils and wondering how to use through out the day.I have seriously become a oil lady and I love it. Love taking out family a step closer to non-toxic as possible.

Want to jump on the wagon? Email me and I can help you order this starter kit and chat with you about how I add to my oil collection with my essential rewards!

Happy weekend!!



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