The 411 on Sunscreen

I have been talking about using safer ingredient products a lot around here, especially since I made the jump to Beautycounter. But I haven't chatted about sunscreen. Some of you may know that the reason I came across (and used!) a Beautycounter product a couple years ago was because of the rating/rave reviews they got on their sunscreen. And as we experience warmer and sunnier days (yay!!) and keep our kiddos out enjoying everything we have missed we should also think about how we are keeping their skin safe.

I will say that my biggest advice to anyone switching to a safer sunscreen should really read the packaging, apply as often and when indicated (so if it says every 2 hours or 40 minutes in the water, then set an alarm on your phone or keep track of the time, this is the main reason folks think "it doesn't work as well". I would much rather reapply then put chemicals on my babies or me!

Here are 6 articles that you should read before hitting purchase on a tube of sunscreen.

The Trouble with Ingredients in Sunscreen (this one is important for anyone but especially preggo and nursing mamas!)

EWG Worst Scoring Sunscreen For Kids

8 Little Known Facts About Sunscreen

10 Things you should know about sunscreen (but probably don't)

This one talks a little about difference between Chemical & Physical Sunscreen.


And this is why I choose Beautycounter (especially after using it for a week in the Cayman Islands).

-Easy to apply. Even the Protect All Over (stuff in the tube) was so easy to get one even the squirmiest of 15 month olds. Just make sure you are using enough.

-The Protect Stick Sunscreen(Face) is what's in my makeup bag, what I wore underneath my Dew Skin for everyday on vacation and continuing on these gorgeous spring days.

-The Protect Stick Sunscreen for reapplying on shoulders, chest, faces for me and the girls. This you will find in my diaper bag for park dates and even at the beach I found myself reapplying with this. The ease of how well it goes on, is my fav. Smells ok too!!

- The Never List, this companies mission to never put the shitty stuff in products is a winning point for me.

Now go to this site and plug in the sunscreen you used last year... What did you find? And