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You guysssss. So many posts I owe you guys and this is number one asked for (spring makeup/skincare favorites coming too, I promise!).

Last month I added the Thieves Home Cleaning set to my Essential Rewards order (more info on that here) and you guys I am obsessed. Not only do they cover everything but it all smells so fresh and you can't get cleaner ingredients.

Although we have switched a LOT of our products to safer ingredients we still have ways to be more earth friendly, so every year I try to make conscious changes to our every day life (more on that in an Earth Day post on Sunday).

I will tell you that most people are skeptical about changing cleaning products but for me it was an easy decision when I was pregnant. I found myself using a shower tub cleaner with a mask and then washing it over again because I didn't want to sit right into the cleaner and airing the room before I relaxed in the tub because of the smell. It seemed so WRONG. So I did the research and at that point switched to Honest or Seventh Generation for everything. I found they lacked in the scented department but was ok with that to have safer ingredients. I then started using essential oils to add a natural fragrance to our liking. And now here I am learning so much more about Thieves and the wonders of their line. And jumping on the homemade wagon.

In comes this kit (which is currently sold out because it's so popular) and guys I am excited about making the changes to saving money and even cleaner ingredients. Without giving up how clean things are.

Here are my favorites products that I've added to my cleaning cubby.

Thieves Essential oil // Lemon Essential Oil // Pine Essential Oil // Lavender Essential Oil //

Laundry Detergent // Dryer Balls (these are a free incentive this month with your Essential Rewards!) // Thieves Household Cleaner // Veggie Soak // Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (OMG the smell is incredible) //

I want to try the Dishwasher Powder and Dish Soap next! I also love this spray but I now make my own.

Here is some info on Thieves, and here, as someone with a baby that is at a higher risk of getting sick ( Ami's diagnosis) I am really proud to report back that not only do the products smell great, and have clean ingredients but they also WORK.

And 5 ways I use the Thieves Essential Oil

1. I mix 20-30 drops with 1 part fractionated coconut oil, and 3 parts water in a small glass amber bottle and spray on all of our spines in the mornings and at night. Maybe even more when we are fighting something.

2. I diffuse diffuse diffuse in my kitchen. mixed with lavender or lemon is my current favorite. This purifies the air, helps us fight off any yuckies and smells delish.

3. I add a couple drops to laundry, especially when someone in the house is sick, this was KEY when we all had the stomach bug. (I just started using the detergent a couple weeks ago and OMG it's incredible, gets rid of stains, a tiny bit goes a long way).

4. I use the vitality Thieves (comes in the starter kit) in hot water to make tea or a couple drops under my tongue when I feel run down. It has been a great addition to my morning lemon water. Mama needs all the help she can get!

5. I use the household cleaner with a few extra drops of lemon oil to make homemade cleaner for surfaces and another for spraying all toys (the best part about spraying toys is that I don't have to rinse or wipe them, these ingredients are all safe and keep my girls from spreading germs. I brought a small bottle on the plane for surfaces and for the beach house.

I would absolutely love love love to answer all of your questions and get you on this wagon! The best part about this membership and the starter kit is the rewards you accumulate (by signing up for monthly order that you can change or stop at anytime ). The starter kit brings so many of the great oils I loved starting with and you can add the household cleaning set which is AMAZING. Would you guys enjoy a little Facebook live to answer questions? I'd love to host one so DM me, email me or comment on my last Instagram and let me know you'd like to join me this weekend!

Happy Wednesday my friends.



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