10 Ways To Be Kind to Mother Earth

Hey hey, with Earth Day here I thought I'd share a few things we have done over the years to keep Mother Earth healthier. And I am being honest about this, it has happened over the years. Because I want you to know that even if you make one change a month for the rest of the year you can save yourself $ and help out Mother Earth.

Plus huge shout out to the hubby, our anniversary! We surprised our guests and got hitched on a rainy Earth Day in a gorgeous garden and man it was the best decision I ever made.

1. Ditch the papertowels and add dish towels to your kitchen.

We still keep the paper towels in a cabinet under the sink so things one may not want to clean up with cloth but keeping them off the counter allows us to use less paper. In our smaller place we kept them all in a basket on the counter and now they are tucked away in a drawer. I add a few new ones to the mix every season (or whenever I see some on sale!). Some may worry about extra laundry but I add them to our towel load once a week.

2. Cloth napkins.

This was the hardest for the hubby but gosh it feels a little more fancy and again we NEVER buy paper napkins anymore. These also get used by the girls and get tossed in the towel load.

3. Switch to biodegradable makeup remover wipes.

This was my big one for 2018 and Beautycounter just came out with these and you guys I am obsessed. They were great for travel! they clean so well and do not dry out your face.

4. Cleaning products. I wrote this post recently on some changes I recently made on choosing even cleaner products for our home to our laundry room. I've also switched our baby products to Beautycounter or homemade with essential oils, have only used Honest diapers, and Beautycounter makeup/skincare. Only using brands that are kind to our Mother Earth is a big big goal of mine for the rest of the year (including linens, clothing and kiddie gear).

5. Bags.

Keep these reusable one in your purse or diaper bag, these in your car and use supermarket ones for dirty diapers. Reusing is the key!!

6. Resell. Reuse. Recycle.

Not only do we recycle paper plastic and glass but we also try to donate, sell and buy gently used furniture, clothes and even accessories. I have recently started replacing a few things in my closet with higher quality pieces instead of buying too much of the fast fashion ish. We keep ikea containers that are easy to sort the recyclables in our kitchen, a basket for donations in our laundry room and a Poshmark account for selling the previously loved.

7. Filtered water.

Instead of plastic bottles we drink filtered water, in our yeti's or the girls water bottles. We buy a lot less bottled water these days (mainly for any workers or guests on the go).

8. Straws.

We've swapped out some of ours with stainless steel, recently ordered some glass ones too. We also use paper ones, that are recyclable and fun for the girls.

9. Lightbulbs on a timer with Wink.

10. Adjusted Thermostat

This thing is amazing, looks great and can be adjusted by your phone. Seriously so great for managing the thermostat from ANYWHERE.

Simple simple simple ways to be nicer to Mother Earth and leaving behind a healthy Earth for our babies.

Happy Sunday lovelies!



PS I'm backkkkk. Vacation and my twin visiting had this mama full to the brim and noooo time for blogging but that is about to change.

Look out for more on this as I have some really great partnerships coming up on more changes we are making on our home, Spring Updates to our decor (so excited about this!), Tot School posts on what we have planned and spring meal planning!