5 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Diffuser


This is another post I have been promising to my oil ladies!

Diffusing every single day means cleaning diffusers at least 1x a week. And I don't mean just rinsing them, you want to get rid of residue, oil and if it's been a while since you tried to clean it then there is definitely some much.

I learned this trick when cleaning out the girls humidifier and it's so so so easy + effective, for both the humidifier and diffuser too!

Because who has time or the extra money to keep replacing these things!

1. Unplug your diffuser

2. Rinse out the bowl (where you pour the water)

3. Add 2-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (depending on size of diffuser).

4. Diffuse the stinky aroma for 5 minutes (a little longer if it's extra yucky).

5. Unplug the diffuser and rinse well.

(I like to diffuse a little citrus or pine after cleaning it out to completely disinfect and clear the diffuser)

As you can see above it's so easy you can do it with two babes "helping". heheheh. love them!!! Hope this helps all of you guys, if not an oil mama then try it on your humidifier! Make sure an comment here or on my instagram and tell me how it works for you!



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