The Modern Mama

Hey hey beauties!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

I hope that this Mother's Day was everything you had wished for. And I said this on my Instagram stories but my thoughts and positive light went to those of you that are wishing to be mamas, that have lost a mama, and those simply in a rough stage of life, you are not alone and I am thinking of you.

I am also thinking of those that put so much pressure on what the day should look like. Those that cried because your appointments didn't go as planned (ummm me.) and cranky babies woke you at the wee hours of the morning. Just remember that in all honesty we should and can be celebrated every day. Those tiny little sticky finger hugs, those splashes in the bath and giggles that fill our hearts are our celebration. Remember that we do not get these days forever, they will pass in a heart beat and we will miss them. Remember that. Because we will. We'll miss them needing us 100% of the time, we will miss hearing mamamamamama all day. As overwhelming as these days can be we will miss them.

On the same motherhood note, last week someone asked me what I thought the Modern Mama looked like and it really got me thinking about my long winded answer but the simple answer is she is unique. She is herself.

The modern mama isn't just a stay at home mama or a stay at home working mama, she isn't just a working mama she is herself. Creating her own path, hustling to maintain a little of herself and keep a happy family. She prioritizes her relationship with her husband, her babies and her friends (or atleast tries too!). She wears the clothes that make her happy, works on staying healthy and always doing something creative.

The modern mama is so different than past versions. And that is ok. I think we all strive so hard to make sure it is different. Or maybe we are really striving so that we can have the freedom to choose what motherhood is for each of us. Choose to do what works for each of us.

This modern mama right here knows that it is impossible to be perfect at all things every single day and that it's a little give and take. She honors that and pulls in help when needed, she celebrates little victories and allows herself to feel all the feels with her village right behind her. the modern mama is HERSELF and teaches these little babes soaking it all in that they have the choice to be who they want.

This is who I strive to be every single day,. I strive to be that modern mama, true to myself and to my family, to build up and support my village and to encourage those around me with maintaining a balance. That is what this blog is about and what I truly believe in.

Thank you for following along my journey of modern motherhood my friends and know that I celebrate each one of you.



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