Beautycounter Is Having a Rare Sale!

Happy Wednesday my friends!!!

It has been a while but I'm here. Trying to get this new normal groove but I promise to be back soon.

I thought I'd stop in since this never ever happens, so I am sharing this on my blog, newsletter and all social media. Everyone deserves to have safer products in their makeup and skincare bag and having this kind of sale helps! It also is my favorite way to stock up on some products!!

Including some of the things I know I will be purchasing.

First up this Baby set, I use the Gentle All Over Wash on both of my uber sensitive skinned girls. Love it. The baby oil is part of our nightly routine ( a added a few drops of lavender oil to my bottle and it's so soothing!) And the balm is one of the few things I always have in my bag, boo boos, dry skin patches and even my lips (and theirs!) get this on the daily. It's amazing for chapped cheeks in the winter too.

Then the kids conditioner. I actually will also use this on me when my psoriasis is acting nuts.

These new brush set has been on my wish list and this is the time to pull the trigger.

Let's not forget my daily hero, the Dew Skin is something I use every day for both SPF and not scaring folks at the playground. The perfect glow and SPF! ( I use the #3 during winter months and currently obsessed with the #4, gives me a tiny bit of color without the cakey look of makeup).

All of the eye shadow kits are lovely but the Romantic one was a gift from my mama and sister, Not usually a shadow girl but it really does change out my look when I take a little extra time.

The liquid eyeliner was another Birthday gift, need to try it out today but I know so many of you that have asked for recs and well I am pretty excited, just need a little date night to whip it out!

They also got this blush for me, the perfect match to one by NARS that I have always loved. You guys it is soon good, and the best part you know the safe ingredients that are in it! No JUNK. (color is Raspberry)

So many specific skincare products I can recommend but the one I know I would always recommend is my STAR skincare product. The CLEANSING BALM. You guys this stuff is like magic.

I have always loved it as an overnight mask and primer (under my Dew Skin) but lately I have been double cleansing, starting with this and then one of my cleansers after. It has been a key factor in eliminating the hormonal breakouts.

Remember to use the code LOVE at checkout.

Want to save even more? Well add the Band of Beauty membership and you will get free shipping, free gift and 15% credit to your account for your next purchase. Winning right?!?