Arroz Con Pollo In the Instant Pot

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Happy Sunday my friends. This was suppose to get up last week but it just didn't happen. So here goes, after a super fun few days mama is attempting that to do list. And meal prep is one of them soooooo throwing this on in hopes that it will help you guys with some meal planning.

This little pot is by far my favorite little kitchen buddy. I mean frozen to deliciously tender shredded chicken in 25 minutes, dried beans absolutely perfect without having to soak or anything, perfect brown rice in 25 minutes and even our family favorite arroz con pollo done in no time and absolutely perfect every time.

Do you guys have an instant pot? Have you even heard of it? Well I am sharing some of the tips I've learned in the last 8 months of using this little guy. Be sure to get this on your next Amazon Prime order!

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1tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp adobo powder

1 sleeve of goya sazon

2 tsp dried cilantro

2 tsp dried oregano

2 tsp cumin

2 tbsp spanish paprika

2 tsp black pepper

(red pepper flakes are optional but I love a kick if its for adults only)

3 finely minced garlic cloves,

1 large red pepper,

1/2 large red onion

1 3/4 cup crushed canned tomato

1 cup spanish olives + 2 tbsp of liquid in jar

2-3 tbsp capers

3 cups low sodium chicken broth, homemade works well here too

1 cups of water

3 cups long grained rice (brown or white works here too, going to try it with quinoa soon)

2 pounds of skinless boneless chicken breast, 2 inch cubes ( a cute up whole chicken would also work here or just drumsticks!)


Turn on your instant pot to saute for 5 minutes (to pre-heat)

Add oil, garlic, tomato paste, sauce for 3 minutes

Add pepper and onion cook for 3 minutes on sauté

Add capers, crushed tomatoes, olives, sazón sleeve, adobo, paprika, black pepper, cumin oregano and cilantro sauté for 3 minutes

Add chicken and stir really well so all the yumminess coats the chicken.

Sauté for 5 minutes to brown the chicken.

Stir it 2 -3 times to not burn.

Add rice and stir really well to coat all of the rice in said yumminess, really well.

Everything should be smelling AMAZING right now.

Add water & stock, stirring it really well as you add.

Turn off your pot (by hitting cancel)

Close lid (make sure the vent is closed!)

Pressure cook for 25 minutes

Pour beverage of choice.

Makes sure kids aren't destroying your household.

(Honestly I like to clean up the kitchen and do any dishes I used at this time, that way cleanup is easier after dinner)

I say allow for the natural pressure release because this gaurantees perfect texture.

but I have manually released (be SOOOO careful doing this).

open the pot & fluff rice

And serve topped witha little parsley or cilantro and some avocado

with shredded cabbage is probably my fav. Or on it's own.

Hands down one of our favorite meals as of late, curbing that homesick / moving pains of living further from our Mimi's cooking. Plus who doesn't love a one pot meal!

Other favorites in the instant pot: Turkey picadillo , Garlicky Shredded Pork but with a turkey tenderloin , Barbacoa and going to share my favorite black bean recipe that my mom shared with me soon.

Happy Sunday my friends, wishing you a well spent day so your week can kick off with a bang.