10 Lunch Box Posts

Yup, it's that time. Lunch packing & praying it's something they eat. Because we all know what HANGRY toddlers are like!

I am going to start a little highlight on Instagram and share our daily lunch but for ideas I have been scouring this book! And here are 15 posts from around the web to get the ideas flowing.

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And below are some of our must have's for packing lunch!

// Lunch Box //

Ours is Pottery Barn (thank you Mimi) but I love this Bee one and this Unicorn one!

// Thermos //

Perfect for leftovers, you heat up in the morning and it stays warm till lunch time.

//Insulated Water Bottle //

Ice water in the AM in hopes that she continues to drink just as much water. I just ordered two to have just for school, so I am not scrambling for a clean one every morning (just read this on another mom's instagram and it's genius!)