My Sweet Kindergartener

Happy Monday my friends.

Sitting here diffusing Peppermint & Citrus Fresh hoping to get in the hustle mode. Have found myself knocking out before 9pm last two nights, simply exhausted. Maybe more emotionally drained than physically because you guysssss, Zoe has been a hot mess at drop off. Like sobbing, hiccuping mess. And it pulls at every single heart string. It took every ounce of my being to walk away.

You see, some of you may remember the tiny 4 pound preemie I brought home. The tiny little girl who barely made a sound, who we weighed every day to make sure she was gaining weight. Who we fed with a syringe in the NICU because the bottle or boob took too much energy. Well in those moments a very guarded mama made a promise to a little tiny human. I promised to NEVER EVER let her down and as dramatic as it sounds you guys, I feel like I am. Those sobbing moments, death grip on my leg leave me winded and emotionally drained.

She is smart, and the vocab of a 3rd grader, she can memorize a book after reading it twice, loves to bake and craft, thrilled by a science experiment and NO ONE loves a game of tag or hide n seek more than her. She is my sassy, strong willed, incredible sleeper, my sweet Zozo. And walking away, leaving her to interact with people I don't know, to make memories that do not include me is equal parts exciting and heart breaking. I have walked home every school day in tears, hugged Ami and begged her to promise me that she will not to grow up.

But this is all a part of life. A part of my little lady growing up. And these feelings may sound silly but they too are a part of life. A part of this crazy thing called motherhood, where we can be both sad and happy all at the same time. I am only sharing this so that if any of you are going through something similar you wouldn't feel so alone.

Here are a few things we are trying to make drop-offs a little easier.

1. Thinking of you bracelet. We both wear a matching bracelet and I remind her to look at it if she is missing me, and she should know I am thinking of her.

2. Goodbye dance (this one was from a reader who is a preschool teacher!) we shook out all our jitters by dancing as we waited for the bell.

3. A lovie. Does your little one have a lovie, blanket or something they find comfort in? Maybe keep this in their cubby or backpack.

4. A family photo (or a few) that she keeps in her cubby or back bag to look at if she is missing us.

5. Jitter juice! We may have to make a version of this every Sunday night..

6. Making worry hearts!

7. Kissing hands must be the cutest thing ever,

8. Morning Routine charts can help with a new routine.

Hopeful one or two (or shoot all) will help you with a smoother drop off! And if all else fails, I may have to bribe Zoe (no tears and you get a toy...).

Have a wonderful week.



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