Halloween Books For Littles

Happy Monday my lovelies!

Mimi (my mama) surprised the girls with a quick visit and just left. To say we are sad and mopey is the very minimum. Ughhh the hardest part for sure has been living away from our friends and family. Just SO hard to start over. So to get them in a better mood I have promised to pull out our Fall and Halloween books.

We have kept up with the tradition of adding a book for each girl to our collection and you guys it is so fun. Pulling them out each holiday or season gets them excited and keeps them loving books.

Here are some of the ones I've found on Amazon and some we have and Love. Definitely adding some of the Spanish ones to our library.

Room on the Broom ( & THE cookbook!)

The Night Before Halloween

How to Catch a Monster

The Rollaway Pumpkin

Pete The Cat : Trick or Pete

Halloween Activity Book

Happy Halloween Stinky Face

The Halloween Play

Clifford's Halloween

Baby Board Books

Llama Llama Trick Or Treat

I Love You Little Pumpkin

Spooky Pookie

Babies Love Halloween

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin

One Two Boo



Some Spanish Ones

La Viejecita Que No Le Tiene Miedo A Nada

Elena De Avalor Un Dia Para Recordar

Es El Dia De Los Esqueletos

El Dia De Los Muertos!

Los Gatos Halloween

Es Noche De Brujas

Another option is grabbing a few at the library! or Rotating with friends so that you are all reading new ones! Don't have littles ones? These mystery books round up, and this one will get you in the spooky mood! Or these 10 best Horror Movies on Netflix. I will go ahead and stick to kids books because mama no likey anything scary! ha!



Tune in later this week for a requested Chicken Meatball recipe that the girls LOVE + plus a bunch of tips that we 100% stick to while trying to keep our household healthy. Cold & Flu season is around the corner and having a babe with Neutropenia means we are SUPER careful.

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