Floral Dresses I Am Loving For Fall

(image from the incredible team over at Just Kidz Studio more on that this weekend)

I remember about 15 years ago in college my mom always talking about buy one piece you can wear for years, something that will last, looks great on you and can be dressed up and down. Back then I was like, uhhh okkkk... But the truth is, the older I have gotten (and smaller closet I have) the more I believe in this!

Something that can be work so many ways, that will last but most of all, something I feel great in. You guys that mama of mine was soooo right. Now let's talk about some florals that can take you from Family photos, to brunch, the office, date night and even a wedding. Do you have that one floral dress you continue to wear? I recently added these two, one from Poshmark (above) and the other a Shop Bop sale gift to myself. Both dresses I will wear for a long time!

1. VBack Dress

2. Blouson Midi Dress (on sale!)

3. Mini Wrap Dress

4. Yellow Maxi Dress

5. Tiered Mini Dress

6. Sleeveless Tiered Dress (an investment but SO worth it, timeless classic !)

7. Fluttery Sleeve Midi Dress

8. Ulla Johnson Silk Midi Dress (I'll be watching this one to be marked down, in LOVE!)

9. Prettiest Rebecca Minkoff dress!

So if you have some family photos or maybe room in your Fall wardrobe add one of these beauties!!



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