Kids Podcasts We Are Loving Right Now

We made it to the middle of the week!! Our first week of feeling like fall here in NYC and I thought I was ready but you guys so much to prepare. This weekend we will be sharing all of our cold weather accessories we have added as city living in cold weather will be different for us.

I have been obsessed with podcasts lately. It all started about a year ago with audible and this summer I stumbled across some amazing free podcasts that they girls love! I especially love playing the meditation ones to unwind after baths. Stories during dinner or in the car also really great way to avoid screen time during these winter months!

And since I get so many questions on what we listen to I thought I would start here and I'll update this list as we go on!

What if World

Tales from the Lilypod

Peace Out

Story Time

Sparkle Stories

Story Time with Yarn Story Factory

Be Calm on Away Island

Funky Dreamer Storytime

Guided Meditation For Kids

Wow In The World

These free story websites.

Barefoot Books


for parent about our kiddos

GoZen Anxiety Relief for Kids

Mom Brain (new one !!)

Janet Lansbury Unruffled ( don't love everything she says but soon much is very helpful!)

This list has 15 funny ones for moms' to listen to!

I am on the hunt for more podcasts on parenting ones for me and will report back! But in the meantime be sure to head over to Instagram and comment with your favorites!



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