Halloween Costumes For Littles

The sugar high event of the year is a week away, so I've searched and searched and have found some cute costumes (like the two above!).

Train Conductor



Chef Costume

Snow White (surprisingly the quality is pretty great, but the cape is pretty flimsy)

Sleeping Beauty (great quality and I love the soft velvety sleeves).

Fairytale Witch

Rubin from Paw Patrol

Baby Lion Costume (both girls wore this for their first Halloween!!)

Fireman Onsie

Harry Potter

baby unicorn skirt and headband set


Pink Skeleton

Girls Unicorn Costume

Doc Mc Stuffin Lambie

Prima Ballerina


Hairband with Spider

Hulk Costume

Elephant Costume

Disney The Beats Baby Costume

What are your kids going as? Have they changed their minds a ton? Zoe was dead set on Sleeping Beauty from day 1 and Ami just wanted "yeyoww". We decided on Snow White because I knew she'd want a "desks" if her sister had one on!

Do you dress up? Head over to my Instagram where I posted this photo of my girlies and tell me on there!

I can't wait! Halloween is suppose to be incredible in TriBeCa and the fact that our building is huge and has so many kids is AMAZING. I plan on having pizza, and some cocktails for some of the parents as a pit stop and I think it will be so much fun for the girls. Now lets see if my Zoe girl can earn the stars on her behavior chart!!



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