The Teddy Coat

Are you over the floral midi obsession I have right now? I hope not because it's all I have been wearing. Wore this dress Friday for a playdate and again Sunday for brunch with Brianne (thanks for the photos girl!).

I have been feeling quite bleh and well brunch, a couple mimosas and no babies for a couple hours was just what this mama needed. Thanks to the hubby for holding down he fort (and actually building one in our living room...). It's been my goal to do one thing by myself for myself every weekend and well it doesn't always happen but when it does it makes the week a lot easier.

I have talked SO much about this dress and so happy I got it, unfortunately it's sold out at Nordstrom but she has so many other gorgeous floral midi dresses that you must check out. Plus I rounded up others here, and styled them other ways here.

Now onto the must coat. I am obsessed with them, mainly because they are so warm, cozy and so easy to dress up and down.

Love this H&M in all the colors // JCREW one in charcoal // Mauve one is SO pretty // Love this oversized one //This cropped Blue one is so pretty // Mine is Moon River //

I know that once you have one in your closet you won't stop wearing it!

Happy Monday!!