Five Friday Favorites - Staying Healthy

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This post is coming in all sorts of late but here it is! We are concentrating on all things keeping healthy. As you know we have a lot to worry about in our house when Ami gets sick so we do a LOT of things to keep us from spreading germs. Here are the top five.

1. Let's start with oil life: THIEVES is life. I pretty much have this little oil going in one of our diffusers at all times. with Lavender for unwinding time with the girls and Bergamot and Lemon in the living room. The roller goes on the bottom of their feet and spine every AM before school and PM before bed. (Thieves comes in the starter kit!)

2. School clothes come off! As soon as Zoe get's home from school she goes to the potty, washes hands and switches out of school clothes. This was a suggestion from Ami's Hematologist last winter, the less contact she comes with germs the better. It's a pain at first but then it just becomes a part of routine.

3. Gut health. My girls Sara (from Well Beyond the Kitchen) is the sweetest and most knowledge nutrition guru and well her big suggestion is keep that belly healthy. Probiotics in yogurt, organic kraut, celery juice for the whole clan, reduce processed foods. Feed the good bacteria by keeping legumes, vegetables, high fiber foods (edamame, whole grains, hummus) as a constant.

4. Vitamin C. Like the really stuff, freshly squeezed no sugar added orange juice, eating oranges and even taking a vitamin C supplement for kids when there is any sign of cold coming on. I want one of these juicers.

5. Rest. A consistent bedtime that makes sure our littles are getting enough rest (especially when schedules are boggled down with play dates, full days of school and other extra curricular activities) you want them to be getting enough sleep. Love this chart on sleep per age.

* bonus one is a Flu Shot, this is a non-negotiable for us.

Obviously I would say I am not a doctor but I have a child with a chronic illness and do what I can to keep her healthy. So, do your research, and then more research, follow your gut and consult with your own doctor for tips.

Here are a few other articles on staying healthy that I've bookmarked!

Happy Weekend!


PS How incredible is my GF from high school, Anna Maria, Owner and Certified Sommelier at Chania Wine Touring Company - doing big things in Greece?!?! She has two little boys and I cannot wait to get us over there! This event looks like SO MUCH FUN.

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