This New Life

Absolutely love this photo of us in our new hood. We got together with Just Kidz Studio for some new family photos in our new city and I love them. Read more about them here and a discount code for a family photo shoot too.

NYC has a very special place in my heart, my time here after college was a very soul finding, liberating time. But it would be silly not to mention the anxiety that comes with our new city, with a child in kindergarten (away from me all day for the first time!) or simply raising babies anywhere in this country during this time of turmoil, hate and violence.

Being a parent in this incredible diverse and exciting city that never sleeps is by far the biggest challenge I've had to overcome.

I know we should choose to make a difference and to NOT live in fear but last week with a bomb threat so close to our new home and to Zoe's school, I was left shooken up. I literally was sick to my stomach to think of my sweet almost 5 year old being somewhere else scared, perhaps confused, without me to explain or for someone else to have the care of my child in their own hands. It's just all so terrifying. I kept Zoe home and embarrassingly wrote an email to her teacher explaining that I didn't feel comfortable with sending her in.

And then I was reminded of something my mom has always said, "from the moment you become a mother until the end of your time on earth you will worry and all you can do is change what you can, hope for the best and trust your instinct". So I am writing here to say that sometimes YOU have to do what YOU feel is right. Trust that mama lion heart of yours and know that whatever you are feeling, whatever you are going through, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is someone out there doing the same.

This series of posts on what I am feeling, going through in pure joy to heartbreak and even just anxiety is in hopes that I can help someone feel less alone in this journey called motherhood, (and even those of you that are way before motherhood and beyond) if you have something you'd like me to touch on then please do write me.



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