Winter Night Time Routine

Hey Hey,

Anyone else completely off from the time change. Not only are my girls INSANE lately, but Ami is also a little sick and a hot mess 75% off the time. AKA sucking the life out of me.

But I just keep giving myself grace, like I'll eventually get to the blog, and work and shoot I'll sign those contracts later. To only knock out as soon as I hit the pillow with my computer propped on my bed... lol One day I'll feel rested, right?

It just all goes by so fast from Halloween till the New Year and these days of less sunlight and cold weather that keeps us inside a lot more means lots of change. One big change that I can actually solve is my skin, dry dry dry. My blehhhh mood isn't as easy... lol

Well there are a few tried and true things I do. The skin is your largest organ and well it needs to remain hydrated in order to look and feel it's best, right? So for me it's making sure I keep up with my water intake and sometimes it means hot lemon water in my yeti instead of cold. Just easier when my bones can't kick the cold. And then there is a change in my skincare routine. Below are the products I have used for the last few weeks (and loved last Fall & Winter too!).

Cleansing Balm - This little multitasking gem is your go to during these cold dry months. I cleanse with it before the Nourishing Cream Exfoliator.

Then I double cleanse with the Nourishing Cream Exfoliator. It's super gentle but cleanses so well.

Rosewater Mist Spray gives my skin a little post cleanse life. It also a great makeup setter and my favorite way to refresh my face on travel days, before bed and especially after I cleanse.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel - this stuff is magic, I use it almost every night. Just wakes my skin up, takes away the gunk and allows my skin to look glowing and rested in the AM.

Rejuvenating Eye Cream - I need all the 'bags under my eyes' help I can get.

I seal all the magic in with the cleansing balm ( on nights I don't do the resurfacing mask I put the cleansing balm on as overnight mask). This is my moisturizing magic. Because the honest truth about having your skin look younger or more rested will always be get it moisturized. With H2O and all the skin moisture you can find. I make sure to skip around my eyes, and load up on it on my lips and hairline (where my psoriasis will flare up).

Balancing #3 Oil is my key to keeping my psoriasis. I massage it into my hairline, eye brows, and pat the rest on my face. LOVE this little oil. This trio is a great travel set or to simply try out all three oils.

It may seem a little time consuming but I swear to you that it's not, and the few minutes are SOOOOOO worth it. I also try and add more dark greens to my diet and even considering some vitamin D to my routine.. Anyone else take some supplements during winter months, send some recs my way, please!



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