9 Cold Weather Cocktails To Try

Happy Thursday!! Almost done the week you guys, It's felt like Friday since Monday!! Hahaha

And it's officially feeling wintery cold in NYC and well it's suppose to snow today. I am so not ready for any of it. With Thanksgiving next week I thought I'd start rounding up some recipes to inspire those of you hosting. First up cold weather cocktails!

My taste buds crave different things each season and well right now I am all about the spicy cocktail (hello jalapeños and ginger!), anything with a soul warming whiskey and apples! Lots of apples!! These hot toddy's (Above) I made with ginger tea, and threw in some cloves, a cinnamon stick and some sliced apples) and they where my favorite way to greet my guests during the holidays and most likely what you will catch me drinking on a cold winter night. I'll be making these next week for sure.

Oh man I am already missing our fireplace this season. Here are a few more favorites cocktails to make during the colder months!

1. Crock Pot Winter Cocktails

2. Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate (would spike this !)

3. Spiked Hot Apple Cider

4. Apple Cider Mimosas

5. Buttered Rum Coffee

6.Jalapeno Gin Cocktail

7. Jalapeno & Hibiscus Vodka Cocktail

8. Hot Blooded Cocktail

9. Fresh Ginger Hot Toddy's



PS Are you guys ready for the holidays?! I am soooo excited to be with family and celebrate!

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