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(** my cutest VALENTINES in the softest pj's)

After a week at home Zoe is at school today and I have a sitter. So I am treating myself to a manicure and pedicure. And lunch with a big ol' glass of vino. Gosh I thought we were over the sickness but tis the season and always reminding myself how lucky I am that I am her comfort and that I can be here with her. Not everyone (including my own mama) have this luxury. So thank you HUSBAND!!! And thank you Beautycounter!! For giving me the freedom to work with a sick babe snuggling on one arm. Since we made it to Friday I thought I'd keep it simple and share 5 Friday Favs.

1. This vegan snickerdoodle cookie recipe is SO GOOD & this gummy recipe from my girl Sara over at Well Beyond The Kitchen.

2. I am obsessed with this pink blazer + this pair of wide leg cropped denim.

3. I really so into hair accessories right now and I am dreaming about this headband (gift idea!!) & this post about accessories is making me feel like I can pull barrettes off.

4. Pulled this barn back out for Ami and they are both currently playing with it ( I swap out toys every few weeks to keep things fresh!) love toys that they both love.

5. I have not met a cashmere lounge set that I didn't love but not super practical with sticky fingers and crafting two year old. But these from Amazon are a great price point. Love these two.

happy happy weekend my friends. enjoy enjoy enjoy.

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And for next week:

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-FAQ post (maybe a video)

-and an update on Miss Ami and her diagnosis.



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