7 Reasons I Love 2019 Young Living Starter Kit

AAhhh this little box changed my life a few years back. These essential oils have been a part of my daily routine for so long and I LOVE them. But I thought I would share some reason why I love the starter kit so much.

1. It brings so many of my favorite oils. Everything you need to start changing so many parts of your life. You will find oils for anxiety, for better sleep, better digestion, immune system boosting, and even hunger curbing.

2. The newest additions of the kit are two of my ALL TIME FAVORITE oil blends Peace & Calming + Valor. You guys these are the best oils in the kit. Valor is grounding, great for anxiety, put it on the bottom of your feet and get the head clarity you need.

3. It brings a diffuser!!! Love the different light settings and it runs 10hours which is perfect for a bedroom. I just replaced the girls room with one of these!

4. It’s no secret that Young Living members have the option to share the products with others and earn a commission if they so chose. In fact, if you do so with 3 people and they purchase a starter kit too, you basically end up getting your kit for free.

Yes, that’s it. Refer a few friends or family members and your kit has paid for itself. Buy it, love it, share it, and end up with a true return on your investment.

My main goal now is to simply get my monthly oils for free by sharing my love for the oils but I know some rockstar mamas who ROCK this business. It also brings so much info on each oil!!

5. The samples it brings (the Thieves cleaner & the Ningxia Red) allow you to try to favorite products for free. I have just started drinking the Ningxia Red while the girls have been sick and now I am obsessed. Also LOVE the hand purifier!!!

(***Young Living NingXia Red benefits include support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. A daily shot of 2–4 ounces helps support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants.***)

6. The quality of these oils is top notch!! Young Living may be more expensive than ones from Amazon but it's because pf the quality. With YL’s “Seed to Seal” standards we are assured that my family will be using the highest quality product without ANY dilution or chemical additives.

This is so important because you are breathing in these oils on a daily basis. Also, think of the essential oil as the immune system of the plant. It supports the growth and life of the plant from seed to flower and what we are getting is the distilled oil to use for our benefit.

7. You are automatically able to join the Essential Rewards and able to switch out so many products and gain the benefits of a month order. Like free product and points to use on more product!!

I have switched out my laundry detergent, and cleaner.

Recently just added my dishwasher pods to the my monthly order too! Best part this order can change every month ( I have it set on my calendar so I can update it to whatever I may need) or even change the day of the month to keep on my budget.

Essential Rewards is KEY to me having tried so many new oils.

Some may think oils are pretty froo-froo and shoot I agree but they have gone from just an aromatherapy (helloooo so much cheaper than candles) to really being a lifestyle and changing the way I look at healing and immune support.

Do not get me wrong I AM A FAN OF MODERN MEDICINE. I will not in any way swap out anything without research and talking to a doctor, I will not sub out antibiotics when needed or Tylenol for a fever but mama will pull out all the homeopathic cards beforehand.

Love that it all falls so well into my life as a mama trying to be the best version of myself, my Beautycounter business and just my personality in general.

Be prepared to see so much more on oils and the homeopathic side of me.



PS interested in joining me in this world of essential oils? Doesn't have to be for the commission but simply to make more swaps to safer in your life. As a member you get 24% off!!

Here is a video I find a little cheesy and VERY helpful in learning how to sign up. Don't forget to enter my Member ID 11905150 !

And please feel free to reach out, I want this to be so easy and beneficial for you!!

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