Toddler Approved Salmon Cakes

Hey hey, this post was suppose to go up Wednesday but mama is a walking Zombie, we made them today again to shoot for the blog.

The girls favorite night is when we have enough time to cook together and since little Miss Ami is feeling so much better we just enjoyed it all so much. Ahhhh so hard for out tiny humans to not feel well! Here is to maybe just maybe kicking this virus out of our home!!

One of the goals I have for the DISHES part of this blog is to share more of my pantry staples and what I do with them. You know the things you keep in your pantry to ensure you can always whip a healthy meal everyone will eat? Well canned wild salmon is one of the things I always make sure I have a few of. I swear it is a LOT better than it sounds, very similar to tuna and so many of the nutrients I like to fill our bellies with.

Sometimes I just sauté and add to rice, top a salad with it but most recently I have been making these little salmon cakes out of them. SO SO SO easy, and quick. Which means the perfect meal.