3 Sets of Five Friday Favorites Amazon Buys

(Photos from a Primark collar I recently did, have you checked them out?!

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Hey hey!!!

Happy sunny and warm Friday (at least here in NYC the high will be 66!!) We are so excited for the weekend and after a stressful week I am simply excited about soaking in some fun with my favorites.

My bonus daughter has been here all week and well having an extra pair of hands has been amazing. Reminds me that finding some part-time help is a big goal of mine. Especially someone Spanish speaking!

I thought I'd jump on to share 5 Things for the home.

Stasher Bags (just talked about these on IG Stories) |These Bubbles we love! |We hung a ledge over my sink, and I am organizing my most used spices in these |Hubby doesn't know it yet but these are completing our entry! |I am on the hunt to make every drawer/closet as organized as possible by the end of the school year love these for organizing in baskets or drawers.

5 things I've purchased for Spring Break that I am loving.