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Hey hey. Weekend over here and just simply enjoying every second of down time and prep for the week ahead. Although the hubs is sick (Ami seems to be a lot better, thank you Thieves Oil, rest, soup and fresh OJ!).

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Hey hey!

It has been a bit but I have not forgotten about you guys. Someone asked me how I was doing with our new city life and all I could muster is "keeping our heads above water some days and soaring high other days". And that is simply how it has been.

From so much WINTER SICKNESS, to being far from family and some struggles at Z's school I am feeling quite defeated most nights. But I do smell spring in the air some afternoons and I know that will bring so many good things/changes.

So I have been prepping by doing some at-home workouts, exfoliating and moisturizing my winter skin with my two favorites.

I've also been lightening up my every day makeup. Giving myself that "just woke up but no imperfections" look. I do a pump of Dew Skin ( I am using #3 during the winter), a drop of the No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil and a 1/2 pump of the Instant Glow Illuminating Cream. The cream is a part of this set, which holds the key to my skin looking so good, the Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

The routine, is so quick, it gives your face a glow but doesn't make you feel too "made up". I use this cream blush on my cheeks, this on my brows and sometimes I throw on some mascara for an extra oomph,. And to set it all, the Plumping Facial Mist.

In order to get that glow skin you need to keep a routine that keeps your skin as healthy as possible, during the winter I have stuck to the Countermatch Collection.

And a few times a week I use keep it short, sweet and effective by applying the,

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

onto a clean face, and follow it by the

Cleansing Balm

for extra moisture.

(I massage the balm into my hairline or any other psoriasis breakouts I have)


FREE Deluxe Travel Size Brightening Oil #1 ($38 value US/$47 CAD) with any purchase of $125 US ($150 CAD) today thru March 28th.

For all of you that curious on why you would join my BC team, I LOVED this post :


Erin Carter, an Executive Director on our team and an MD (doctor) in her everyday career shared this blog post with our team. It's full of great info and shows you that you can never assume that someone with a full time career wouldn't want to do this!

"I wrote a pretty extensive post about why I became a Beautycounter consultant as a doctor. There is a lot of info in here that would be good for anyone considering the opportunity (not just doctors) so feel free to use and share this, just make sure that people know to use your links. Hope you find this helpful!"


Did you see us in VOGUE


And in Oprah Magazine The Clean Beauty Visionary

I have started trying including Frankincense into my nightly skincare routine. It has only been a few weeks but I already know why people are raving about it!

It has minimized the size of my pores, and is even helping with some acne scarring I have had for ever. Obviously, it's a combination of just sticking to a nighttime routine EVERY night but I am not mad at this little gem of an oil. Going to have to report back on fine lines (also something that it's suppose to help with!)

It's a pricey oil but since it is a part of the starter kit, it is a steal. I am giving back $20 for anyone that buys a starter kit this month! Here is another post on FAQ's on essential oils I did a while back.

I have to highlight these two sets that carry all of my favorite products!

1.This is the Instant Awakening Trio I talked about above, three of my favorite products during this stage of (exhausted) life! //

2. This Is the Best of Beautycounter and the best way for someone new to BC skincare to try out some game changers!

Something else that is new! The hubby and I are hitting reset before Spring Break which is at the end of April, and going to give Whole 30 a try.

I think the best thing is a lot of these things are things we would all eat as a family. I 'll keep the rice & veggie pasta as a side for the girls but not for us. This combined with some workouts will be an awesome way to start off swimsuit season! Here is some meal inspo I was looking at.

And on the blog lately I shared:

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Currently obsessed with a weekly sheet pan dinner, so I shared some favorites and some I want to try.

I shared 2 Ways I wore this leopard dress last week.

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Hope you are having a wonderful month!




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