28 Non Candy Easter Baskets Fillers

Well hey there, I have found it hard to manage everything after coming home from the hospital but honestly maybe I am just prioritizing my health and my time. But hoping to take this week to prep for April!

We have all loved the spring weather we had over the last week and cannot wait for it to stay warm. I realized Easter is in a week so I thought I'd share (and shop for) our Easter basket fillers today and I'd share.

I am all about the sweets that comes with Easter, well I shouldn't say that but I am all about the girls excitement of opening up an egg filled with jelly beans that they never eat during the year But the Easter Bunny also brings some Spring time goodies (it's been our tradition since Zoe's first Easter!

Some may argue that little knick knacks are the trick but it honestly is not my style the crap ends up everywhere and eventually into our recycle bin (after I've stubbed a toe a few times) so I stick to things we will use, especially for Spring!

1. Sun Hat // This one is great too!

2. PJ's (girls are obsessed with "PJ dresses!" - these are cute ones too!)

3. Water Color Set (we have been obsessed with water color painting, easy clean up and everyone can enjoy!)

4. Magnetic Play Pads

5. Rain Boots (something they will use a LOT!)

6. Cute set of sunnies! The reviews are great and the girls love them for dress up.

7. Stickers! (I'll put some in the basket and save some for another time!)

8. Cute umbrellas, (we actually get so much more use out of umbrellas in the city! this one is cute)!

9. Eggs with Play-Doh!

10. THE BEST Bubbles, and bubble machine set (with amazing reviews)!

11. Swimmies! One Piece I got the girls this year because they can wear for gymnastics too!

12. Sandals - I size up and the girls wear them through the Fall. They look great dressed up and down! LOVE them.

13. This Doll - so sweet for a little babe !

14. Spring books for each of the girls, this one for Ami and this one for both girls, we have this one and it's incredible. I love that we will put these out every Spring.

15. Indoor Starter Planting Kit (I love this gardening set!) this for a toddler is great too!)

16. Ready Set Paste set both girls have used this!

17. Magnetic Pattern Block Set - love gifting a gift that is a learning toy/busy box, they both love this.

18. Honey Stick Crayons ( we love these bath crayons!)

19. Rock Sidewalk Chalk - fun for outdoor play!!

20. Sandbox ice cream set!

21. Non-Drying kid markers! I got the girls these because we color a LOT and these won't dry out!

22. My girls love washi tape!

23. Bubble Pods

24. Piggy Paint Set - nontoxic nail polish for mani & pedi dates with my girl!

25. Charades for Kids, so fun for the whole family and great for traveling!

26. Butterfly Garden ( I just ordered this for the girls !)

27. I ordered these little unicorn eggs, totally and activity the girls will enjoy after.

28. This fun Easter Lego set is a cute gift/activity for the day.

Now I am dying to know what you usually put in your baskets? And what are your traditions?!



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