10 Things to Do This Spring with Boden

In partnership with Boden we will be showing how this Spring we are saying YES to being tourist in the city we now call home. And although sometimes is can be tricky the moments, the memories are all worth it. And I love these little tops and my cute jumpsuit are not only comfy and machine washable they are also keep us looking a little stylish. LOVE. Cannot wait to wear it again on vacation, and pair the girls tops with shorts or even cute white leggings.

#BodenByMe and #BodenPartner. We were gifted these pieces by Boden as part of the Boden community and appreciate you supporting the brands that we love and work with. We'll be working with them for the next few months and are thrilled!

1. Pack a picnic, invite some friends and lay out a blanket at your local playground after school. One of my most favorite parts of living in NYC is the push to make the playground our backyard. Cannot wait for our new Friday tradition, and you better believe I will be packing up some chilled rose for the mamas.

2. Plan one new thing to do in your new city. It may be a museum, a new playground, a hike or a playground? For us, it's the entire city in our first Spring living in New York City. Like the picture above show, we have been acting like tourists in our new home and LOVING it. Whatever you choose just make sure that you soak it up, we are often so full with the list, the go-go-go or simply naps and gosh the work it takes to get out of the house that we (meaning I) tend to just let the meaning of ENJOYMENT slip away. So enjoy it.

3. Eat a meal outside. OMG one of my most favorite parts of NYC in the warmer weather is outdoor dining, happy hour or brunch is just so much better these first few weeks of warm weather. The city is alive, the birds are chirping and everyone is in such a light mood. And if your little ones are anything like mine then you'll also get some ice cream!!

4. Schedule family photos. This may sound silly but I suggest you head to a local park, either with a tripod, a friend or a photographer (if you are local to NYC we love Just Kidz Studio) and get some photos with all of the blooming flowers and trees, you will not regret this since your kids have already grown so much since the holiday photos.

5. Score some baseball tickets and check out a game!!! I cannot wait to do this with the girls, the food, the cheering and just simply being outside (where they don't have to be quiet) is so much fun!!! Can anyone say hotdog and a beer for mama?!

6. Plant something!! Be it one of those little target pots that come with the pod that you add water and it's instantly soil/seed or a whole garden (or perhaps somewhere in between) ,Or maybe just volunteer at your school or local park to plant flowers because it's Earth Month and well it's the perfect time to get dirty with the kiddos.

7. Do a Spring craft to decorate your door or your littles door. It can be cute flowers or hatching chicks. What ever it is let them be entertained and watch the magic when you hang their work!

8. Fill a bird feeder or better yet make one!

9. Seek out a farmers market in your area or if your lucky a farm where you can pick your own berries.

10. Next rainy day, slow down and open your window and listen to the rain. Smell that "spring smell" and let all the winter blues just wash away. If it's warm enough I suggest you surprise your kiddos with a "let's put on your rain boots and go dance in the rain" and maybe just maybe be lucky enough to spot the rainbow after the rain.

Hope you all have a great week!



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