30 Ways To Make The Most Of Screen Time

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Happy hump day! Sun is shining and after an insanely busy day yesterday I took today as a PJ catch up on laundry day. Our cleaner comes tomorrow so I like to make sure and finish all the laundry and wash sheets before she comes. It's by far one of my fave days, lol! I also took today to complete another post that you guys have been asking for. PS This podcast for kids round ups was one of the most visited posts I have ever published.

There is a dark cloud set over screen time and electronics. Mainly because misused it can really hinder a child from DEVELOPMENT, LIVING & LEARNING. but the truth is it's 2019 and electronics are a part of life and they can be a life saver for those of us that work from home, for traveling or simply to give the grownups a break. We limit it during the week so that we don't feel guilty during the weekends. And I thought I'd share our list of go-to's that make the most of kid's screen time.


Daniel The Tiger (every parenting lesson comes down to a Daniel The Tiger episode!!)

Dora The Explorer (love this for spanish language)

Wild Kratts ( for the animal enthusiast)

Signing Time (perfect for those of us introducing sign to littles, the girls signed before they could talk)

Magic School Bus (oldie but a goodie, my fav is the one that travels through the human body!)

Super Why ( great for alphabet and reading skills)


If I Were An Animal

Charlie's Colorforms Cities

Brain Games

Pocono ( I switch the language to Spanish)

Dino Hunt

The Blue Planet

Planet Earth

Baby Animals in the Wild

Tree House Detectives


Kid's Learning Tube - love these one concept a video shows, we'll be watching more of these in the summer!

Free School ( super well done learning videos!)

Homeschool Pop ( these are really well categorized, by grade/subject and just simply awesome)

Rosanna Pansino - ( Family friend approach to cooking show!)

Houston Zoo - love this live stream of animals playing!