A Week Of Outfits

Hey hey,

Here I am sharing one of the few posts you guys asked for!! Outfit recap! I promise I am working on getting better at remembering to share them!! And maybe a better backdrop too... lol!!!

For now here it is. April outfit recap! I will preface that NYC definitely does something for my individuality. Like in a major way. I dress for me, sometimes for comfort, sometimes to match my girls and most of the time because I love the way it looks. I am doing this more and more and I want my girls to do the same.

Here is a week (+ a few ) of outfits, I am tagging some high low similar items and how it inspires your outfits to be about you!

I wore this look on Zoe's field trip,

Denim dress. (mine major score on Poshmark, b/c of a tear!)

1 /// 2 /// 3

Hat. (mine old from Nordstrom)

1 (under $18) // 2 (want for summer!) // 3 // 4 //

Open Cardigan.

1 // 2 // 3 //4 //

Pickup & library volunteer look.

Green canvas jacket.

1 // 2// 3

Wide leg cropped denim. (old Target!!)

1 Target now // 2 // 3//


1 // 2 // 3//


1 // 2//

To Ami's Soccer,

Skinny Jeans

1 // 2

Hooded Sweatshirt (from last season Target, ONE NEW DAY )

1// 2 (getting this tye dye one!) // 3

Open coat. mine is C/MEO, one of my fav brands to find on sale, TIP*** buy coats now for next season!

1 // 2 //3 (great spring version)


Swim Class,

Ribbed wide leg pants, old from Zara and sad I didn't buy 10 of them. (current ones!)

1 // 2 // I'd pair with this matching sweatshirt

Baseball Cap. mine is Lululemon old!

1. This similar running one // 2 this fun one//

Vest. (old north face but on the hunt for a new one, going to splurge because I know it will last)

1 // 2/ 3 (splurge)

Tee. love Zara basic tee's

1 // 2 // love this cropped one for high waisted denim

Denim Jacket. Mine

1 // 2 //

Bright Denim. Mine

1 // 2 // 3

Blazer. (Zara from this past winter)

1 (obsessed over this one) // 2 // 3 //

Oversized Scarf.

1 // 2

(laundry not included but I may need to style a spring version of this look, one of my favs)

That's it for now, look back for a bunch more next week! Would you prefer these to go up on the weekend for outfit planning or Mondays?!

It's your choice on what kind of day you have so have a great one!



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