Recent Amazon Favorites

You guys all know that Amazon makes the world go round for mamas, so I am answering a bunch of "where is that from " and sharing my favs all together.

Popsicle Holders

Just ordered more of these Stasher Bags

Paper for Zoe's writing practice (working on switching from upper to lower case in sentences)

This Tracing Booklet

This Sight Word Book

We have been loving these Chapter books from my MIL

This Math Set

This Work Book from Ami

This 2 One Shoulder Piece swimsuit I wore on vacation (they run small, I sized up to XL, and L does fit but not enough boob coverage.

This scalloped one piece. ( I may need this one too!) not a lot of booty coverage but I loved it.

Love these braided mules!

O got me this phone holder and it's a game changer for ALWAYS dropping my phone.

These sandals I got for Mother's Day, love them! (currently half off, so I had to get them in white)

This little chiller things for cocktails or ice coffee's.

These Clear travel bags are what keep all my bags organized, especially for travel.

So many questions on my blender, have had it for 3 years and use it almost every day.

Just ordered this mister for the girls morning hair routine.

These round ones the Easter Bunny brought are so cute!

We love these pjs, pink for Zoe & yellow for Ami

Tye Dye Cropped Sweatshirt

co-washing conditioner for maintaining curls, LOVE

Got this for snack packing this summer

And this to start reducing my iced coffee / chai cups.

I just put this straw bag in my cart and will report back, needed something to switch up my every day bag.

Wishing you all an incredible weekend and remember (just like I tell Zoe) how your day goes is all up to you, so make it a GREAT one.



Next week I will be working on,

Current Fav Salad with Favorite Salad Dressings that we rotate.

5 minute Spring Makeup Routine

A Spring outfit inspiration post w/ another weekly outfit round-up.

Kiddo shoes for Spring

Organization around the home.

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