Sunscreen 411& Free Gift (HURRY!)


Hopefully you saw my newsletter and have heard about the free sunscreen that Beautycounter is offering as a gift with purchase right now.

Putting sunscreen on Zoe when she was a baby was the reason I made the switch to safer and started learning more about ingredients, and actually when I think about it being pregnant with her was when I really started thinking so much about ingredients in general.

Something about being responsible for a tiny life that makes you hype aware about everything you put on and in your body. And then you take it to another degree when they enter this world. Some may say that they survived with toxins and non-organic goods but the truth is, that toxins chemicals and ingredients in general are a WHOLE LOT different than they were 35 years ago. Shoot even 15 years ago, and as science and technology change products we too have to change the way we think and educate ourselves.

If you haven't made the change to safer products I would love to help you! Not just skincare and beauty products but in learning about switching to safer foods, and cleaning products too.

As we enter the season of fun in the sun I will be sharing more info on how to make it a safer summer but here is some info to answer a lot of the questions I had!

Hopefully this answers most of your questions and if not please send them over so I can add or maybe even have a separate Q&A post!

Don't forget that you can get a free sunscreen set with purchase of $125 + until Tuesday! Shop via the Switch to Safer Sunscreen social for a free set of samples set to you!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




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