Life Lately Spring Edition

(these photos from spring break have me wishing for another trip!)

Hello hello!

We have officially almost made it through our first year in NYC. And holy crap, if I am being honest it was hard AF. Amazing yes but HARD AF.

The best part of this experience has without a doubt been that we have come closer as a family. Forced to physically be closer in 1100 sq ft apartment but also figuratively with new hurdles and challenges that come with big jobs, starting school and parenting in New York City. And doing it all without our families and friends.

We have been forced to communicate more, find our new normal and rhythm. All in time for the school year to end and summer break to begin. hahaha. But I am entering this new season feeling more confident that I know what our family needs, and what the girls need to be balanced. And what I need too.

Which is why I have taken a break from social media, turning off alerts, signing out and only coming back for a tiny chunk of time when I want to. Instead of the mindless scrolling in between appointments, down time, before I fall asleep or sharing on stories because I feel like I HAVE TO, because you know well it didn't happen if it's not on Instagram stories, (all this adds up to WAY more time than necessary on anything that isn't real life).

At first I thought that I would take a break from blogging too but I love this creative outlet. I LOVE being able to share, tips, sales, skincare stuff and recipes so I am going to fit it in as a weekly thing.

So this summer will be about a little social media detox, a lot of fun bucket list items to check off and maybe jumping on to share on IG when I feel like I want to. I have a plan is to continue keeping myself present for my girls and family but still allowing myself to work on my creative outlet.

I am working on two posts for this week: an update on each of us and one on what we are doing to avoid the summer academic slide. So be sure to subscribe and I'll send out a note when there is new stuff on here!

I am hoping that you all find some balance this summer and that it is filled with more of the good stuff than the ick stuff (which is what I say 1000x a day to the girls! ha!

Happy Wednesday my loves.



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