30 Spring, Nature & Earth Day Books For Kids

If you have been following me for a while you know how much my family loves books. And keeping with an Earth Day theme this week I thought I would share some of our favorite and new to us books about Spring, Nature and Earth Day.

  1. Michael Recycle

  2. Flowers Are Calling

  3. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

  4. Lola Plants a Garden

  5. And Then It's Spring

  6. Planting a Rainbow

  7. Plant the Tiny Seed

  8. We are the Gardeners

  9. Miss Maple Seeds

  10. The Forever Tree

  11. Up in the Garden and Down in the dirt

  12. Earth Day Birth Day

  13. Wangari's Peace Trees

  14. Fancy Nancy Earth Day

  15. The Curious Garden

  16. What a Waste

  17. I can Save The Earth

  18. My Caribbean Dream

  19. Don't Throw That Away

  20. Heal The Earth

  21. Miss Rumphius

  22. Here We Are

  23. When The Animals Saved the Earth

  24. I know The River Loves Me

  25. City Green

  26. The Hike

  27. Call Me Tree

  28. One Earth

  29. My Friend Earth

  30. Earth Day Every Day

And like I said on Instagram today, make they time to do the things you have on your list. Like actually MAKE/SCHEDULE the time for those things. This is something I have been working on this year, because that to do list is nothing if you don't actually set when you will get them done.