7 (no frills)Thanksgiving Crafts

It is no secret that we are a craft loving family. It is by far our favorite pass time. I don't LOVE the mess (not going to lie!) but all of the joy that the creativity sparks is my absolute favorite. I am lucky to have two kiddos that love it as much as I do. So much so that we have a "work table" that gives them a space, and tools to create whenever they feel inspired. But I also think that it doesn't have to perfectly curated crafts for Instagram. Get them using

What I am not great at is the perfectly perfect crafts, I mean I put true effort it to making them all pretty buttttt I am a "let them do it" kind of crafter so it never is perfect. Allowing the girls to create with their hands is a non-negotiable for me. It's a

1. Feather Letter Turkey (just need small paper plate, brown crayon, construction paper (red, orange and brown), 2 googly eyes, scissors, marker and glue)

2. Fall Leaf Wreath (just need Fresh Fall leaves in various colors, paper plate, glue, scissors, pretty ribbon)

3. Sponge Painted Turkey (just need, paper plate, paint, sponge, paper, glue, scissors, paint brushes)

(I've made these with Zoe and it was so easy and fun!)

4. Hand turkeys, (just need, red, yellow, orange, brown construction paper, glue, scissors, two googly eyes).

5. Handprint & Footprint Turkey (just need red, yellow, orange, brown paint, paint brushes, wipes, red and orange craft paper, googly eyes, craft paper, scissors, and glue.

6. TP roll & Hand Cutout Turkey (just need Turkey Template, cardstock papers, toilet paper tube, craft feathers (fall colors), googly eyes, glue )

7. Love this turkey color matching craft for younger ones (just need regular sized paper plate, small sized paper plate, brown paint, paint brush, 2 large googly eyes,

red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple cardstock paper

red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple tissue paper

stapler, scissors, school glue

Hopefully these simple crafts inspire you and your littles to make a little something. We have been loving allowing Zoe to pick out a craft before a play date and putting out all the supplies and snacks the night before. I plan on sharing a little video soon on what we keep stocked, what I put away on the shelves and what I keep out for them.