8 Things To Make With Your Kids This Weekend!

It's almost the weekend!!! We have survived. I will admit this week was a, barely survived, one over here. My girls have had a tough one for sure , actually all of us are feeling the weight of everything but the weekend is here. Looking forward to taking off the teacher hat and being just mama. We have been letting the girls come up with a weekend list and baking something is always on there.

And since we have 50 pounds of flour (best Costco replacement) we have had so much fun with these baking requests. Here are 10 things you can choose from to make with your kiddos.

1. Pasta! We used this no pasta machine pasta recipe from one of my favorite bloggers. This is what we were making in the photo above.

2. Bread. I am going to have to share O's mom's recipe soon but there are so many great ones. We made it this past weekend and enjoyed it all week. Something about homemade bread that is just glorius.

3. Homemade tortillas, this was the one we tried for Taco Tuesday! You can use so many kinds of flour or add seasonings/veggies! So much easier than I thought for sure.

4. Churros, the girls were thrilled with this recipe!!! They were a lot easier than I thought to make and so delish. Tip: Pipe them onto a cookie sheet to get the right shape!

5. Homemade waffles is always fun!

6. Homemade donuts, always a great idea for something sweet, or my infamous chocolate chip cookies (which we are making tomorrow!)

7. We are going to make some soft pretzels too, I love it with a spicy mustard, with honey to dip them in.

8. Pancake muffins for kiddos to have for breakfasts!! (double the recipe, freeze and heat up during the week!) They always love that they can pick the toppings :)

Tips for kids in the kitchen.

1. Prepare for a mess.

2. Set expectations low!

3. I measure out ingredients into bowls or at the very least take out all of your ingredients and have them on the counter.

4. We always have the girls repeat the rules before starting anything.

Here is to hoping that your weekend fills your cup with all the goodness you need, may you just ignore the mess, stay in bed a bit longer, have hot coffee (until you switch to mimosas!) and snuggle those that made you a mama. These times are friggen hard AF but they have also really reminded me of the things that make life rich and full. These moments with my girls are ones they will never forget, so cheers to that (and may the forget the meltdowns by mama!).



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