9 Games To Play On Your Next Family Walk

Whenever I post our daily walks you guys want to know, "how the heck to do you guys walk over a mile in this cold weather??". My answer, a easy lunch or snack and games!! So here are 9 games we love to play when on our winter walks on the beach or in our new 'hood!

  1. Eye Spy. Most likely our most favorite on the road and walk game. We love throwing in some spelling or letter sounds into this as word study. Example: "Eye spy something red and the first letter sounds like mmmmm, M". You can also make a list and check them off as you SPY them!

  2. Follow the leader! Our absolute favorite game! Youngest to oldest take turns leading the group, making funny noises, hopping, jogging, walking like a penguin etc, the funnier the better".

  3. Draw out a map and let the kiddos lead the way. Bonus points if you pretend to be looking for treasure. This is Zoe's favorite, GF has an incredible memory so her maps are pretty dang accurate and she loves being in charge of the group... lol

  4. Stick collecting, in our case beach wood, pinecones and sea shells are also other favorites. We will use these in crafts but mainly keeps them super entertained and not thinking about the cold. Love watching how they imagine what they will do with it!

  5. Tell a story together. Each person takes a turn to add to a story. We LOVE doing this and it is hilarious.

  6. Act out an animal. The name explains it all and its hilarious. This animal walks like this, makes this noise, lives somewhere...

  7. Funny voice competition. Another one that doesn't take much to explain but is utterly hilarious to play.

  8. Counting game, pick a number, like 8 and then try spot 8 cars, then 8 people or 8 houses, 8 trees etc.

  9. Trace out letters. This one is perfect for the beach or anywhere there is dirt, take turns letting your littles write a letter or word!

There you have it, 9 games that if you play for 10 minutes each will keep you outside for an hour and a half!

Also for lunches I find little rolled up turkey, veggies, tortilla chips, fruit, dried fruit and our water bottles work best for eating on the go. These reusable bags and these bento boxes have proven to be our favs sustainable ways. Don't forget to pack a few wipes, and a treat (we love some chocolate chips inside our raspberries and a mint!).

I hope that you will get outside today and tag us on your adventure!!!