9 Holiday Pajamas For Littles

I love pajamas in an abnormal way. ALWAYS have, ask my first boyfriend after college, I have been obsessed since then. At first it made me feel like a grown up and then it was just the luxury of being home, in a pretty PJ set with a robe with nothing to do (or the days of working from home I always changed into a nice "work pair" of pajamas. And I have passed on the love to my girls, they love their pajamas, especially ones for each holiday. So I am rounding up a few favorites. And I snagged the ones the girls are wearing from Target but cannot find them online!

(candy cane nightgowns!)

First look at these two hams! We had a little spa day here at home, bubble baths, blow outs and mani pedi's all to try to make it through a solo parenting weekend in quarantine! Ha ha ha ha! They may be totally INSANE and I love them so dang much.

1. We got these pink santa adorable ones for our annual girls Vermont trip! (love that it's a two-pack)

2. I really love these navy car ones, perfect family ones!

3. Snowflake PJ's (lots of sizes here!)

4. I really love these Rachel Parcell nightgowns, not necessarily holiday but red makes them festive!

5. I just ordered each girl a set of these nutcracker ones with the books to open as a gift on Christmas Eve.

6. Of course the Hannah Anderson ones are always a favorite, we have had a few of them but the striped ones are always a favorite, we even have some for Aiden!

7. Love these red ones, they are unisex and under $10!!

8. So many great family options here, but the dino ones may be my fav. The elf ones are so cute, but the sell out fast.

9. Love these hooded ones, it says boys but the are totally unisex!

Now I am off to crawl into bed, going to re-watch Parenthood and hope this ginger tea calms this cough.



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