9 Meals to Make In May

Well hey there! We've had a few days that have felt like Spring and has had my body craving lighter food. We have a color rule in our house, so that all meals have to have "some color" in it. I've explained to the girls that colorful foods give us different things that all help us stay healthy and the green foods help us get the food through our bellies. And now if there is no color on their plate the girls will call me on it! So here are 10 colorful meals to add to meal prep and planning this month.

Pesto Chicken Tortellini and Veggies (Zoe is finally on the pesto wagon so making this!!)

Veggie Spring Rolls (need to add rice paper to our grocery list!!)

Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad (we make a version on this all spring and summer!)

Baked Salmon foil packs! (I love these!!! Make ahead is my happy place!)

Greek Feta & Spinach Turkey Burgers (love sneaking in a veg into a burger!)

Lettuce Turkey Tacos (make these with just veggies or any ground protein!)

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad (omg drooling, we love adding fruits to our salads!)

Green Monster Veggie Burgers (we make a version of these with salmon and girls love!)

Steak Fajitas Platter (anything on a platter is so much more fun!)

Homemade Ramen (going to add chicken and let the girls pick their veggies w/ this)

Also, remember that recipes ingredients can of course be swapped out. Add things that you have or that your family enjoys and yes maybe try something new. Another tip is that you can do a mixture of crunchy raw veggies and cooked ones, we often do these as I am trying to get them to try more cooked veggies. And in my house if I make it a build your own anything, but putting all the ingredients in different bowls and letting them "choose" what their meal looks like they are more likely to chow down!

Happy meal time my loves!



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