A Whole New Year

Happy happy happy NEW YEAR!!! We have welcomed a whole brand new year.

I have written quite a few of these posts. Posts about starting a new year, after experiencing different things. I have written them after babies, after loss, after heart break, after marriage and all them in honor of new beginnings. And this is no different. It is a new year, a fresh new start. Heck, a brand new decade. And with half of the second year in NYC behind us, and a whole lot of work on myself (and more to do) I start a brand new year with you guys!

I have never been more positive in the fact that this is going to be our best year yet. I see this being the year that I see so much fall into place for me, for our family and for those around us.

2019 was not my worse year. That would be so hard to say when we have so much to be thankful for. But it was WORK. It was surviving (thanks for the chat on this Sandra!). We were surviving in a new city, away from family, learning how to keep my head above water with two sweet girls to also raise and be a role model for. So I trucked along, made strides and did the work to make this next year better.

I also pushed out all of the nonessential out of my life. Anything negative, or honestly just not worth it was left behind. Because when your boat is sinking you chuck everything out that is weighing you down.

So here I am, reminding those of you going through anything right now, that this too shall pass. And there are brighter days ahead. I am so excited for all of it.

Here's to starting fresh together!