Amazon Winter Buys

This is another post you guys really voted yes on and love, so I will keep them coming. Here are my Amazon buys from the last couple months!

Epsom Salt ( soon much of this during these cold months!) I actually have a month subscription and it gives me a bit of a discount which is nice! We use these in detox baths and to bath bombs! Also helps with inflammation, bloating or sore muscles.

This natural night time cough medicine, the night time one has melatonin and REALLY helps the girls get the sleep they need when they are sick .

I got this mug for my coffee for Christmas and can now actually finish a hot cup of coffee, O has one at work so I just ordered another to have at home.

We got this game for Ami, and she is so cute while playing it, I am ALL for the learning games. She also loves this Acorn Soup one.

My MIL got Ami these beads, they are great. Bright and great for hand eye coordination.

I just bought this pack of gloves to wash dishes.

This hat in black and may need another color.

I love making my own bath bombs but have not had time, so these came in handy for last few sick days. May have used one for my own bath...

Elderberry gummies, I swear the reason Zoe got sick this time around was because we stopped giving her these, you better believe I order 2 more bottles.

Love these pjs so I got the girls a new pair for their V-Day baskets, they are soft and come in so many colors, will be getting matching ones for the cousins!

Back cream that works miracles.

I got this pot and stand and really love the way they look, now I need a day to repot my plants!

We got this strip for our knives, frees up a whole drawer and it doesn't look horrible.

I have been using this little facial brush to wake up my skin and for some massaging, really love it.

Zoe is so into headbands so we just got her these and she LOVES them, I use them too. The quality of them is SO good. (and 4 for under $15 is such a great price point).

We got these adorable apron and chef hats ( a set of three) and the girls feel very official wearing them.

The girls love having cook books on their play kitchen so we got this and this one for Ami's birthday and she pulls them out when I look through mine, it is my favorite thing ever.

These leggings I have shared a bunch of times but I ordered a third pair, I wear for yoga under dresses and with tunics. They are thick and suck everything in = very flattering.

I love doing this little gratitude journal with the girls every night. I keep it on our counter as a reminder to end our day with gratitude, going to start doing it in the mornings too.

I got this phone tripod for my bonus daughter and ordered one for myself, I think it would be awesome for travel and taking family photos!!

Also I ordered these little containers for all the travel we have the next few months, have seen so many ideas for snacks in these.

I just put in an order for swimsuits and coverups, and maybe I will be brave enough to share a little try-on when they come in. We are traveling in April (if everyone is healthy) and I could not be more excited to get away and spend time with family!

I'd love to hear your favorite Amazon buys from this winter, please share in the comments below and I will share in my next post.