Back To School - School & Lunch Packs

Hey hey,

I always find that current life = great blog posts. And we are currently ordering backpacks & lunch bag. I have ordered Z a few different ones to choose from and a part of me wishes we could go back to the days that I picked things.. So much easier.

Hahahah, I mean I love that she has her own opinion and personality but man is she strong willed! And also going through a stage of simply just wanting the opposite that we offer. But then again isn't this just childhood in general?!

Here are the ones we rounded up together!

Butterfly Backpack

Black Herschel Supply Backpack

Pink Backpack

Green Backpack

Fox backpack Set

Beige Mermaid back pack,

Preschool Yellow & Blue Unicorn

Purple Unicorn Backpack

Blue Galaxy Backpack

Yellow Car Backpack

Color Blocked Backpack

Pink Champion Backpack

Grey And Gold Herschel Supply

Ninja Backpack

Deep Red Fjallraven Backpack

Camel Backpack

Laptop Backpack (awesome charging on this!)

Horse Lunch Box

Yumbox (leakproof bento box)

mermaid lunch Bag

Leakproof Lunch box (so many color combos!)

Bento Box Unicorn Lunch Bag & Bento box

Lunchbots Bento Box (ordered these!)

Purple Unicorn Insulated Lunch Bag

Light Pink Bento Box

Dino Lunch Box

Lunch Pets (omg these are too cute, told Zoe it would be too much of a distraction...)

These STATE backpacks are very popular around here but Zoe said "that is not fashion" and then I legit spit my water out. I will say there is never a dull minute around here for sure!! lol I do like the company's mission (they give backpacks to kids in need).

Her only requirements were that it was "fashion" not plain and holds her lunchbox and sweater so she doesn't have to carry it.

She didn't love the PlanetBox bento box because she felt like it was too heave but loves having different lunch options, we'll use it again but I will also try for a smaller one this year and maybe use the big one for Ami and I when we are out and about.