Birthday Wishlist

I have two winter babies and both born so close to Christmas (December 5th & January 9th) means we have to be strategic about gift giving. Mixing up gifts that they wish for with things they will need and use throughout the year. I had Zoe work with me on a little gift wish list for her grandmothers to help not duplicate gifts and thought I'd share it here!

1. Suitcase I love these!!! Perfect for the travel we have coming up this year.

2. Jewelry Box with a ballerina and music box has been on her list for a while. I may wait until she gets her ears pierced to do this as a big girl gift.

3. Pocket Microscope (great little stocking stuffer too!)

4. She asked specifically for a Anna dress , Elsa Shoes to go with her costume & a Elsa wig (this is so random but she has been dying to have wigs in her dress up stuff).

5. Zoe and Ami have been asking for a table with chairs for their room, for tea parties and legos, I may need to bring back the chair in their to make room.

6. Baby Alive Doll with food

7. This balance board seems like a fun way to get her balance better.

8. Elsa Doll

9. Dress up jewelry - ring set , 50 pc set

10. Jewelry Jam set. (she is so into making necklaces and jewelry so I love this!)

11. We are a game family, so this is high on my list a surprise gift!

12. Barbie Clothes (they are very obsessed with dressing their barbie's!) (these set is huge too!)

13. Legos is another thing she gets to do solo, with her dad (And not her sister!)

14. Rainbow Loom ! We saw this at Target and I feel like I would like this as much as her.

15. We have a microphone that the girls love but I saw this Karaoke one and thought it was so cute! The girls LOVE to perform.

16. My girls love colored pens, and flair pens and dry erase markers, so they always have them on the list (Zoe asked for them because someone (not naming any names) has been leaving them uncovered...

17. The Frozen costumes that may fit the American Girl Dolls, would be huge.

18. One of her surprise gifts will be this caboodle where she can keep her little trinkets, I am going to add some polish, these little hair clips, toss in the jewelry above, these mermaid brushes and some of the clean/non-toxic lip jellies. Cannot wait to see her face. (I'll have to get Ami one for her birthday too!)

19. This sherpa bean bag chair (may be a Christmas gift for both girls) would be easier to store in a corner of their room and great for reading or lounging.

20. Z also has "beautiful dresses" on her list, I refuse to spend a ton on them but I love how much she loves to dress up, love this velour one with matching leggings, this sparkly one, and this long sleeve tulle one in Z's fav color red.

So hopefully this gives you some ideas for gifts for a 6years old in your life. OMFG I have an almost 6 year old!! Eeeeeek.