Books I've Listened To Lately

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I LOVE BOOKS. I mean really really really love them. I have always found it the best way to calm myself, escape whatever I am going through and learn about anything. After having kids I found myself sharing my love of books through reading to them, and even sharing books about experiences, holidays, feelings to help us through anything (like moving, starting school, being mad, being different and just about anything else).

But with having kids I also found myself reading less. And the thought of listening to a book felt like betrayal. A bit dramatic, yes but I am telling you it felt like betrayal of my love for actually holding a book. So I spent about a year maybe reading one or two books and knew I had to change my outlook. I needed to have the ability to multi task, workout, run, wash dishes, clean while listening to a book or podcast. GAME CHANGER. And since I share so much about books I read to the girls, I knew that I needed to start sharing these books here.

American Royals Book 1 & Majesty Book 2

Oh this was a really fun pair of books, They are light and easy multi tasking listens. It tells the story of a Royal family but in America. Again nothing life changing but really fun to listen to, kinda like a mindless Netflix show! Listen to if you want something light and fun, and need to multi task to it.

Delicious - oh I LOVED this book. I listened to it twice. I love books that are intertwined with food, recipes and a love story (if I ever right a book it will soooo be like this!). Delicious is food magazine located in New York City and Billie has an extraordinary palate and can identify any taste in any food, but has a cooking phobia. Her job is to answer complaint letters from readers who are asking for the magazine's guarantee of success. She meets some incredible people, and gosh the description of dishes in this books makes me want to cook! Great listen if you want something light, fun and hard to stop listening too. Major plus if you love cooking, food and are needing a little love story.

Untamed - this book is a moving tribute to choosing your own path, making changes to love your life and truly has inspired me on this journey of creating my business. A MUST Listen if you are looking for something to inspire you, a self health book that can be the start of creating a life you love.

What Kind of Woman - I absolutely LOVE this collection of poems and need to order the book to have on my bookshelf. Just beautiful. Listen if you are looking for inspiration, music in words and maybe shed a few tears.

Open Book - Jessica Simpsons story, the life beyond the tabloids. A story of finding her sobriety and truly eye opening. Listen to this if you enjoy hearing a story about struggle and how someone can come out of it. The story of her divorce and finding happiness, surviving her parents divorce, all of it made me cry but also look into myself a lot.

Daisy Jones & The Six - this was a really fun listen, the voices and different character stories really made it a fast listen. Listen if you enjoy music, music history and rock'n'roll. Really fun to read with someone else and discuss.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Hollywood movie icon Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell the truth about her glamorous and scandalous life and she chooses a young reporter to tell the story, Monique (who's husband has left her and is struggling to build her career). This was really hard to stop listening too, I wanted a part two or three. Listen

The UnHoneymooners - Olive's twin sister and her whole wedding party get food poisoning, so she gets to go on the honeymoon with someone she doesn't like and well she ends up having to fake being married to Ethan the best man. Listen if you are looking for a fun fun fun read, a beach read, light and nothing earth shattering but I really enjoyed listening to it.

Do Less, this is another book that really pushed me to look at my life, how I live it, how I work and eb and flow of it. This is a perfect listen for any of you looking at how you want to work, how you want to balance things.

Danish Way of Parenting - one of my favorite parenting books to date. At least for this stage of life. We are home and together so much more and this was such a great reminder to enjoy this time, to slow down, to soak up and create a home/memories that fill our lives. Read if you are looking for a little refresh on how you look at parenting and how a different country approaches it.

No Bad Kids, I have listen to this one a few times in hopes to help me reparent myself. Positive parenting, and really understanding a kids mind and maybe just reminding myself of how pure a kiddo is and how we can help them be the best humans possible is really important to me, and this books if a great listen if you are looking to do the same.

From Scratch, another love story, intertwined with parenthood, different cultures, family and food. Made me crave a trip to Italy!! LOVED this book! A perfect listen for someone that wants a really good cry, be reminded to make each days count.

Barack Obama, A Promised Land. Oh this is one of these reads that is just incredible. I didn't want it to end because I just love his even/balanced voiced, the way his calm and reassured. Telling of his story while running for the Presidency and his time in office. I really enjoyed this one and feel like everyone should listen to this one.

The Idea Of You, This books is about 39-year old divorced mother of a teenage-boy-band-obsessed daughter who falls in love with a 20-year-old boy band member and actually enter into a relationship. I fell in love with these characters, who chance to love and feel loved again, sexy and could not put it down. I was SOOOO mad when this ended and wanted it to keep going. I was a little sad about how abrupt the ending was, I wanted MORE! A great listen if you are into a great written romance novel.

On longer books I do read to 1.5x so that it doesn't take as long, especially if I am jogging or working out. It's much more upbeat this way! And you can also exchange books (they don't stay in your library) for others once you've read them if you have a monthly plan, I find this helpful as I share an account with the girls and we all listen to so many books every month.

I really hope you love these as much as I do and look forward to sharing these regularly! If you have any recommendations, please share them with me.